Late Inning Pressure Situations

Late Inning Pressure Situations

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Keep your eye on the ball
April 11, 2021

Why we put so much importance on gracefulness and confidence, both in baseball and our lives. Also, anyone want to write us a theme song?

Still here.
April 04, 2021

The 2021 Astros don’t care about the boo birds, and neither should you. If the first series is any indication of the season, we are in for a ton of fun.

The One
April 01, 2021

Today is opening day.  Correa didn't sign, but at least you have this surprise episode to look forward to!

Legends Never Die
March 25, 2021

March is officially mad, miracles happen, still looking for one more.

A shot in the arm.
March 07, 2021

Basically we need all the Mary’s to help save our team right now, but the future is still bright!

The spark (insert fire emoji)
March 01, 2021

Our thoughts on the first spring training game and the beginning of thicc boi season.

Grab your cracker jacks...
February 21, 2021

...Bc pitchers and catchers have reported are we are days away from spring training games! We break down the basics of spring training and give predictions on team MVP.

The Bs are back
February 14, 2021

Hi, remember us? Your favorite primas are back and super excited about the new season.