In It Together - Ride Out Lyme

In It Together - Ride Out Lyme

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Creating Purpose through Grief w/ Jody Hudson
October 03, 2022

Jody Hudson, founder of the Alex Hudson Lyme Foundation, shares about moving through grief after her daughter’s passing. She and In It Together co-host Patricia Cosulich discuss the therapeutic process of writing her book, My Promise to Alex, which was re

Discussing Whole Body Healing with Georgia Grey
June 14, 2022

In this episode, Georgia shares with Patricia how Lyme brought her toward a slower version of herself, and now how she is serving others through this new version of her life as an entrepreneur. Recovering from perfectionism enters the conversation through

Navigating Lyme as a Family with Amanda Dahl
May 18, 2022

In this episode, Patricia Cosulich interviews Amanda Dahl about how she navigated her family’s experience with Lyme. Her perspective is unique as a patient, spouse, and mother – she has seen it all. Amanda and her husband, Christopher, co-own Dahl Holisti

Focus on Possibilities w/ Jake Mayers
March 22, 2022

Co-host Patricia Cosulich interviews Jake Mayers about cultivating a mindset of possibilities when dealing with chronic illness. Jake Mayers is a Transformational Coach that empowers people with Chronic Illness to regain control of life. Jake cultivated

The Art Of Telling Your Story
October 12, 2021

Join us as we discuss "The Art of Telling Your Story with a powerful panel of published authors who have courageously and vulnerably written about their most formative experiences in life. EPISODE HOSTED BY:  Kathleen Bogart, Psychology Professor, W

Storytellers With Lyme Part 2
September 14, 2021

Join us for a dialogue with artists and communicators who, through their respective mediums, share their Lyme stories. We will share excerpts of our work, and talk about the creative process. Creative mediums include theatre, film, literature, and music.

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence with Diana E. Lowe
August 17, 2021

Our guest Diana E. Lowe works with Directors and Senior Executives in Fortune 500 companies to transform their team spirit and communication, turning low-performing teams to highly productive and engaged teams. Her practice focuses on using evidence bas

Storytellers With Lyme Part 1
July 19, 2021

Join us for a dialogue with artists and communicators who, through their respective mediums, share their Lyme stories. We talk about storytelling, the decision to go public & what to share, the process, & more. Creative mediums include: theatre, f

Journaling Your Way to Wellness with Christina Kantzavelos
June 15, 2021

Christina Kantzavelos is a California licensed psychotherapist and freelance writer. She received her Bachelor’s and Master's of Social Welfare (MSW) from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and her Masters of Library and Information Sciences

Building A Successful Career While Battling An Invisible Illness with Garett Larson
May 12, 2021

In this episode, Patricia Cosulich speaks with Garett Larson, a member of the Ride Out Lyme Board of Directors, about his transition back into work after dealing with tickborne illness. Garett is a 10-year Lyme patient and works as an Integrative Wellnes