Women In Business

Women In Business

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Women In Business-feat Valarie Bowens
June 27, 2023

The Women In Business Show will have the owner of Georgia Queen Clothing, Valarie Bowens as guest. In 2006, Valarie had the distinct privilege of representing Georgia in the Miss United States pageant

Women In Business feat Ebony King
October 20, 2022

Ebony King is such a person. She saw a need that needed to be addressed and decided to do something about it. Elevate Her UK is a non profit organisation that provides positive advice and support to v

Women In Business feat Jacquelyne Clarke
June 25, 2022

First Women In Business show of 2022!! What does it take create a dress? More than one dress? A clothing line? A brand? JClarke Designs didn't just come out of nowhere. There were specific plans made

Women in Business, Entertainment Edition
June 27, 2018

At the point where a woman says that she wants to do something, there are only two things that can happen. Either she does it or she does not do it. There is no middle ground. Tonight I'll be talking