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The FF Club

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Ep. 14 - Minari: First Generation Farming
April 01, 2021

In this week's episode, we watched Minari, one of awards season's most hyped up films. Join us as we discuss what it means to represent a community, considerations for producing and consuming media, and rework Minari as a horror/thriller. Music used: Twit

Ep. 13 - Chef: Foodies and Family
March 12, 2021

This week, we watched 2014's Chef, directed, produced, and starring Jon Favreau. Join us as we discuss the ethics of critiquing, self indulgence in film-making, and listen to Daniela storyboard her own passion project. Madura come home

Ep. 12 - To All the Boys: Forever is Faraway
February 23, 2021

This week, we watched the final film in the TALB trilogy as a special Valentine's treat

Ep. 11 - My Octopus Teacher: Fish Foibles
January 29, 2021

This episode we watched My Octopus Teacher, a documentary about a conservationist’s curious relationship that develops with an octopus while diving near Cape Town, South Africa. Join and explore this remote underwater kelp forest with us as we discuss our

Ep. 10 - Whisper of the Heart: Fiddles and Fidelity
January 11, 2021

Welcome to a new year with the FF Club! We are kicking 2021 off with Studio Ghibli and Yoshifumi Kondo's first and final directorial work, Whisper of the Heart. Join us as we discuss romance, passion, and learning how to navigate the world. Niall Horan, i

Ep. 1 - Hobbs & Shaw: Frenemies and Franchises
September 20, 2020

Welcome to the very first episode of The FF Club! Join us as we introduce our new podcast, discuss Hobbs & Shaw, and delve deeper into the global phenomenon that had us hooked to the screen this summer :) Music used: Twitterflated by Podington Bear