SA People - Your Worldwide South African Community

SA People - Your Worldwide South African Community

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#123 Hello Howzit!
July 05, 2023

Is Jy Gereed vir die RWC? The Bokke are getting ready - and so are the bokkies, Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker. The new Springbok jersey has been unleashed, Veldskoen are on board with bringing goodness to the world, and the CEO Nick Dreyer is giving us

#122 Uyasikhuluma isiZulu?
June 28, 2023

No problem if you Don't - We're Multilingual! With learners of isiZulu reaching 502k on Duolingo, Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker are upping their skills! (However, whether Jen would make the sheep-shearing team is another story - although she also lived

#121 Where's Noah When You Need Him?
June 21, 2023

Stories of Saffer communities getting it all together Either too much or too little, water has it's own way. Floods in the Western Cape in recent weeks have left some towns and farmers completely adrift and cut off from civilisation. The upside is that w

#120 Reasons to Be Cheerful....
June 14, 2023

So many Saffers celebrating around the world at the moment at being given back their SouthAfricanNess! Jenni Baxter sheds a tear of Joy that the courts saw sense, Melanie's happy about a re-beaked vulture and Faf's Speedo, and (almost) all is right in the

#119 Well, That's Rich!
June 08, 2023

All the Treasures of SA in One Place On SAPeople's Podcast this week, Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker get to grips with the stories behind the stories making the news about Saffers. Who's going to the Olympics? Who's got a Laugh Headache? What beer shoul

#118 We Bless the Rains Down in Africa
May 31, 2023

... and The People Who Keep us Proudly SA With Tears of joy and sadness being shed for various South Africans at home and abroad, Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker visit the stories that make their hearts druk 'n punt. Britain and America's Got Talent are

#117 Looking for a Lift in Your Spirits?
May 24, 2023

Then Listen Here! keeps people in touch, wherever in the world they may be. From Durban to Dubai, PE to Portugal, and Hollywood to Hollyveldt, Saffers can find out what's happening with people from their home towns. Looking into some strang

#116 More Power to the Wonderful Women
May 17, 2023

Of Queens in Every Form Forget loadshedding and winter for a short while - let Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker warm the cockles of your heart with the heartwarming stories coming out of South Africa - and from Saffers doing extraordinary things abroad.

#115 Ahoy There! Join the Saffer Get-together
May 10, 2023

SAPeople Have It All Coronation Chickens have been popped into the fridge (or left out in the cold now that winter has hit), and other Chickens are coming home to roost! Want to know about Urns, Rowing, Scottie Dogs, Olive Oil and how they relate to Saff

#114 Nothing Wrong with a (Double) Blonde Moment!
May 05, 2023

It's Saffer fun around the world with Jen & Mel Making a big noise in the Saffer universe, Pretty Yende and Coronation Chicken, the 1st woman - and she's proudly SA - to win a round the world yacht race, a breakdown of the New Money (and who to share it