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S2E4: Grassroots Orgs and Tech Policy (w/ Hamid Khan of StopLAPD)
June 20, 2022

Our final episode of the season! Last but not least, we chat with Hamid Khan of StopLAPD, a community-power based org that, among other initiatives, helped lead the end of LAPD’s predPol algorithmic policing program. Thanks for listening, and check out ou

S2E3: Making a Nonprofit for Justice in Tech (w/ David Robinson)
April 19, 2022

We're back! Today we chat with David Robinson, the co-founder of Upturn, a non-profit that has made major waves on equity and justice in Tech Policy. Check out our show notes for more resources!

S2E2: Action with Academia (w/ Lelia Marie Hampton)
February 08, 2022

In our second episode of our Tech Policy season, we talk to Lelia Marie Hampton, a 2nd year second year Computer Science PhD student at MIT studying applied Machine Learning and AI safety. Lelia talks about why they decided to get a PhD, and how Black Fem

S2E1: Crowdsourcing Tech Policy (w/ Ishan Sharma and Andrew Sosanya)
January 24, 2022

Bytes of Good is back with our second season! This time focused on Tech Policy, where guests from academia, think tanks, grassroots organizing, and more talk about how they got into the world of tech policy. This season premiere features Andrew Sosanya an

EP 3: Academic Research and Tech for Social Good (w/ Dr. Aditya Vashistha)
June 02, 2021

Every year, many undergraduate students, especially those nearing graduation, find themselves contemplating a variety of post-graduation opportunities. Within the computer and information sciences, students often choose to either pursue jobs in the tech i

EP 2: Big Tech to the Nonprofit World (w/ Anthony Suarez)
March 07, 2021

Anthony Suarez details his career path and how he made the transition from Amazon to the CTO of, and eventually started his own social purpose corporation, FounderFM. Music by Sounds Like an Earful (

EP 0: Demystifying Social Good
July 27, 2020

Bytes of Good connects young, tech-minded individuals to opportunities around social good as well as emerging issues where new ideas are needed. Learn more about us at Music by Sounds Like an Earful (