Latest Episodes

Sweet Sex Slave
December 08, 2021

Music, Weed, Sake and conversation that would get you canceled

Ep. 6 Tales From The U Haul
April 25, 2021

WWF Vs WCW, Monday night wars, BJs, Nutrients, Goldberg, I Hop

Ep. 5 Icy hot, green river killer, gooch, sports
April 18, 2021

Traveling the green river trail

Ep. 4 ole head bares his soul
April 16, 2021

Too epic to list

Ep.3 Bouldercrest Master
March 19, 2021

Russell Wilson, VodkaWine, Rap Music, Infused Prerolls

July 25, 2020

Cannibalism, Religion, Racism, Eating Ass etc.