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Midnight Tea

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S6 Ep 8: movie reviews, Monster High/doll news, horror movie trailers, VV album drop and more!
January 21, 2023

Evening Spooky Kids! Sorry for the long absence! Tonight we have an amazing episode for you! Tonight let’s review some new movies: The Invitation, M3gan, The Menu, and Elvis. Let’s also discuss trailers for Scream VI, Evil Dead Rise, and Renfield. We’ll a

S6 Ep 7: Nick Carter, Scream 6 trailer, Monster High Fang Vote results, The Watcher review
December 17, 2022

Evening Spooky Kids! Tonight we need to talk about the controversy surrounding backstreet boy member, Nick Carter, then talk about the results of Monster High Fang vote 2022, and review the Watcher series on Netflix and the teaser trailer for Scream 6! Bl

S6 Ep 6: I’m back! Monster High news, Splash Mountain closing, movie reviews, small business shout
December 05, 2022

Evening Spooky Kids! After a small hiatus I’m back. Let’s review some of the latest streaming releases: Smile, Nope, Disenchanted, and Wednesday! Keep you up to speed on the latest Monster High news, talk about the news of Splash Mountain closing and do a

S6 Ep 5: special guest Oberlain. LA haunts, Halloween franchise and ranking the Titans of Terror
October 29, 2022

Evening Spooky Kids! Tonight I have returning guest, Oberlain back so we can talk about So Cal Haunts for last minute spooky destinations, review Halloween Ends (All Spoilers) and rank our favorite Titans of Terror! Happy Samhain, Halloween! Blessed Be!

S6 Ep4: Monster High Alumni, Review Chucky/AHS11, Velma controversy, PSA
October 28, 2022

Hey Spooky Kids! Releasing a mini episode for you in the middle of the week. So tonight let’s talk about the Monster High Alumni, PSA on Kanye West, theme park etiquette and Halloween costumes do’s and don’ts. And review Chucky season 2 and American Horro

S6 Ep 3: Monster High news, HHN, Reviews: Halloween Ends (Spoilers) and Hellraiser 2022
October 17, 2022

Morning Spooky Kids! Today we have to talk new Monster High news! Doll drops and leaks, we need to talk about HHN do’s and don’ts and give reviews for Hellraiser 2022 on Hulu (some spoilers) and a huge spoiler filled review for Halloween Ends. Blessed Be!

S6 Ep 2: Munsters/Dahmer/Monster High/Hocus Pocus 2 review, MH news, Beetlehouse moves, shoutouts
October 08, 2022

Evening Spooky Kids! Sorry for delay but I’m back for a new episode! Tonight let’s talk about my amazing experience and the Monster High the Movie premiere at Paramount Studios plus doll news. Then reviews for Dahmer, The Munsters, Hocus Pocus 2, as well

S6 Ep 1: D23, The Little Mermaid controversy, HHN review, Monster High news
September 17, 2022

Hey Spooky Kids! Welcome to Season 6! In this episode let’s talk about the highlights of D23. We’ll also talk about the Little Mermaid Live Action remake, all the tea. We’ll also sprinkle in some Monster High news and a full review of Halloween Horror Nig

S5 Ep 13: Monster High news, Nightmare Before Xmas sequel book, Addams Family, Orphan 2 & AHS review
September 01, 2022

Evening Spooky Kids! Sorry for the delay. I’ve got quite the episode for you! We’ve got HUGE Monster High news! Then, A LOT of reviews: Book “Long Live the Pumpkin Queen” sequel to the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, The latest American Horror Stori

S5 Ep 12: Monster High news, Bands touring, AHS review, Listener FAQ’s
August 13, 2022

Evening Spooky Kids. Tonight there’s so many new Monster High updates that we got to talk about with the new leaked pics! We’re also gonna review American Horror Stories season 2 episodes 3 & 4 and review Prey. And also get to our listener FAQ’s. Blessed