PRess Play: The StreetCred Podcast

PRess Play: The StreetCred Podcast

Weaving Together PR and Marketing with Kelly Waltrich (Ep. 2)

June 23, 2023

Given the substantial overlap between public relations and marketing, firms stand to benefit from a tight-knit collaboration between these two vital teams. 

In this episode, Elena Krasnow and Jimmy Moock speak with Kelly Waltrich, co-founder of, about her journey in financial services marketing. Kelly shares her story of why she decided to become an entrepreneur and start before passionately discussing how public relations and marketing strategies complement each other. She also provides tips on how to vet and establish a quality partnership with marketing agencies. 

Kelly discusses: 

  • Why she decided to become an entrepreneur and launch
  • Her experience at previous firms, going through an acquisition and merging departments while also keeping her clients at the forefront
  • How PR and marketing strategies complement each other
  •’s growth and her hiring process for the firm
  • The green and red flags to look for when evaluating prospective marketing agencies
  • What she would be doing if she weren’t working in financial marketing services
  • What she does for fun outside of the workplace
  • A moment of gratitude for Edmond Walters
  • And more

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About our Guest: 

For over 15 years, Co-founder Kelly Waltrich has been championing the role of marketing in the financial services industry. As former Chief Marketing Officer at eMoney Advisor and Orion Advisor Solutions, she proved time and again that there is no better driver of an organization’s growth and overall success than a well-run marketing and communications team. At eMoney and Orion, Waltrich built powerhouse marketing teams from the ground up, developing the engines that would fuel the highest periods of growth for both companies. She designed the strategy behind several successful rebrands, acquisitions, and product launches – including spearheading the development of two advisor marketing products – while creating unmatched overall brand visibility and helping to turn company executives into industry thought leaders. Through forward-thinking demand generation, PR, and product marketing, Waltrich created a consistent inbound pipeline for both firms, driving CAC down and SOV up.