Unleash Your Retirement

Unleash Your Retirement

Managing Your Cashflow & Setting SMART Goals (Ep. 14)

December 21, 2023

Cashflow management may sound intimidating, but it is simply knowing where you spend and how to make sure you spend wisely.

Join David as he talks about why budgeting and cash flow management are important, especially in retirement. He highlights the necessity of understanding where money is coming from and where it’s going and provides tips on tracking expenses and income. He also discusses the challenges of variable income and the stress often associated with holiday spending. Gain insight as he shares personal examples of helping his family with budgeting, emphasizing the need to differentiate between wants and needs. He also suggests using tools like Mint and setting SMART financial goals. 

David discusses: 

  • The importance of budgeting and cash flow management in retirement
  • Tips on tracking expenses and income
  • Personal experiences with budgeting and cash flow management
  • How to analyze expenses and areas to cut back
  • Setting SMART goals for savings and investments
  • And more


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