Unleash Your Retirement

Unleash Your Retirement

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Insurance Strategies for Retirement with Caleb Vaughan, CFP® (Ep.13)
December 07, 2023

Protecting your loved ones comes in many forms, and setting aside the right financial resources for yourself in your retirement is one of them! In this episode, David Koren invites Caleb Vaughan, Fina

Common Investment Risks with Michael P. Smith (Ep.12)
November 16, 2023

Can investments be both growth-oriented and risk-averse? In the latest episode of Unleash Your Retirement, David Koren is joined once again by Michael P. Smith to close out their 3-part investment ser

How To Secure Your Retirement with Michael P. Smith (Ep. 11)
November 02, 2023

Lost in the maze of Annuities, Mutual Funds, and ETFs? Let us simplify it for you. While visions of a relaxed retirement dance in your head, the journey there requires careful planning. Navigate the n

Investing In Stocks and Bonds with Michael P. Smith (Ep. 10)
October 19, 2023

Investing in stocks and bonds can be a battle of risk and reward if you dont know what youre doing. Thats why were here to help. David welcomes back his fellow colleague Michael P. Smith to contin

Retirement Investing 101 with Michael P. Smith (Ep. 9)
October 05, 2023

Stressed about planning for your retirement? Youre not alone. Join host David Koren and his fellow colleague Michael P. Smith as they share actionable investment and retirement strategies designed t

Building Wealth Beyond Your Working Years (Ep. 8)
September 21, 2023

Where will your money come from when the 9-to-5 ends? If youve ever asked yourself this question, then this episode is for you! Listen as David Koren from RVA Wealth Management arms you with strategi

Retirement Income Sources: Employer-Sponsored Plans (Ep.7)
September 07, 2023

What are the most important things you need to know about employer-sponsored retirement plans? In this episode, David Koren talks about employer-sponsored retirement plans, focusing on defined benefit

The Truth About Taxes in Retirement with Cheri David (Ep. 6)
August 31, 2023

Do you need to be concerned about taxes in retirement? Many people think that they will not have to pay tax on their Social Security or deal with taxes at all when theyre no longer working. But requi

How Much Money Do I Need To Have To Retire? (Ep. 5)
August 17, 2023

Is there a way to know if youve saved enough money to retire? Very few people actually do the work to figure out if they will have enough money, and then when it comes time to say goodbye to the 9 t

Will My Money Last Throughout My Retirement? (Ep.4)
August 03, 2023

Will you be able to retire once you turn 75? Many people think theyll have to work longer than they want to so that they continue to have a source of income. In this episode, David Koren, founder of