Beer, Bourbon and Balderdash

Beer, Bourbon and Balderdash

Latest Episodes

Episode 73 – Beans and Beer
September 18, 2023

Embark on a captivating journey with John and Wes as they explore a diverse tapestry of subjects that span the realms of Jai Alai, mermaids, ancient extraterrestrial mysteries, and the humble bean. In

Episode 72 – Worst Idea Ever
September 04, 2023

oin John and Wes as they dive headfirst into a hilarious and unforgettable conversation about some of the most outrageous and ill-conceived ideas known to humanity. As they sip on the rich flavors of

Episode 71 – “They’re Huge!”
August 30, 2023

Embark on an engaging intellectual journey as John and Wes delve into the vibrant tapestry of global discourse, all while savoring the crisp notes of a blonde ale courtesy of Koto Brewing Company. The

Episode 70 – “I Hit Record!”
August 28, 2023

As the velvety notes of Angel's Envy Straight Bourbon Whiskey, matured in Port Casks, dance elegantly with the senses, Wes sets the record button in motion. Accompanied by the hearty richness of an Ip

Episode 69 – The Sex Talk
August 14, 2023

John and Wes share an engaging conversation, delving into their personal journeys with the "Sex Talk." As they relax and unwind, they savor the rich flavors of Knob Creek's 9-year-old Whiskey Bourbon

Episode 68 – Road Trip
August 07, 2023

Join John and Wes for an unforgettable journey as they delve into the hilarious and heartwarming tales of Wes's epic Father and Son road trip. From the breathtaking sights of picturesque landscapes to

Episode 67 – Hodge Podge
July 17, 2023

Join John and Wes on an enthralling and mouthwatering adventure as they savor the delectable richness of Exhibit "A" porter and explore the nuanced flavors of Paddleford Creek's whiskey. In this episo

Episode 66 – Constitupated
July 10, 2023

Join John and Wes in this enlightening and entertaining episode as they delve into the misconceptions surrounding the United States Constitution. From common misattributions to phantom clauses, they u

Episode 65 – Wrotten by: AI
July 03, 2023

John and Wes embark on an experimental adventure by blending human wit with the creative powers of AI. Join us as we dive into an eclectic mix of topics while sipping on the luscious depths of Fremont

Episode 64 – Comparatively Speaking
June 26, 2023

Join John and Wes as they engage in a thought-provoking conversation about the perils of comparing ourselves to others. While indulging in the exquisite flavors of a "Big Ash" Amber Ale from Barrel Mo