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Wealth Management EDGE Podcast: Heather Fortner’s Uncharted Journey to Leadership

December 14, 2023

Heather Fortner brings leadership and authenticity to her role as CEO at SignatureFD.   

In this episode of the Wealth Management EDGE Podcast, Informa Wealth Management’s Nabia Jenkins-Johnston talks with Heather Fortner, chief executive officer and chair of the board of SignatureFD, who shares her insights into leadership, mission statements and the delicate balance between work and family. Heather touches on the importance of connecting leaders, opportunities and experiences to achieve success, and finding one’s self-worth to lead with purpose. 

Specifically, Nabia and Heather discuss:

  • Keeping true to core beliefs through professional and personal challenges. 
  • How an unconventional path leads to unexpected opportunities.
  • Navigating personal struggles to find professional success.
  • Unveiling the intersection of wealth and worth in leadership.


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 About Our Guest:

Heather is the chief executive officer and chair of the board of SignatureFD, an integrated and comprehensive wealth management firm with offices in Atlanta and Charlotte, recently named to the Inc. 5000.

During her 20-year tenure at the firm, Heather has created and executed strategies that have exponentially grown SignatureFD’s AUM from $250 million to over $6 billion. Her ability to combine strategic oversight in alignment with financial goals and enterprise risk mitigation has led the firm to maintain enterprise valuations, annual growth rates and client retention rates that consistently exceed industry averages. Beyond operational expertise, Heather leverages her graduate degree in professional counseling to help uncover and connect people’s passions and talents to build teams that deliver excellent and inspiring client experiences.

Heather lives in Kennesaw, Ga. with her husband and two daughters.