Believe in Progress: an AACR Foundation Podcast

Believe in Progress: an AACR Foundation Podcast

003: Howard Brown - Shining Brightly - Finding Resilience and Hope from a Two-time Cancer Survivor

July 12, 2023

On this episode, we are speaking with Howard Brown, a Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur, with IPO exits, and who is a two-time stage four cancer patient, survivor, and advocate 30 years apart. On this episode, Howard will share the keys to leading a resilient life with hope.

He drives successful community leaders, business innovators, and patient advocates towards engagement, empowerment, and excellence. Howard is a bestselling author of his memoir, Shining Brightly, and an award-winning international speaker and weekly podcaster. Howard also has his own Shining Brightly podcast show with 25 episodes released as of this recording.

His podcast is all about overcoming with resilience, hope, and inspiration. If you wanna check out Howard's podcast, you can find links in this episode's show notes. Howard recently spoke to cancer researchers, investigators while he was being honored at the AACRs 2023 annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Howard was also selected and participated in AACR's 25th anniversary cohort at the Scientist Survivor program as an advocate mentor. At the annual meeting, Howard also shared how having the patient voice and communication, collaboration, and connection together gives all patients care, partners and families hope for a better tomorrow.

Live our lives. One more second, one more day, one more week, and one more year. Finding cures and battling cancer must be a team sport. Join us as we explore the inspiring stories of patients, survivors, and researchers who are making a difference in the fight against cancer. 

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