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My Best Friend, The Sociopath
April 13, 2024

Phil M. Williams tells a creepy thriller about two middle-school best friends who clash with their mean teacher. An attempt at revenge leads them to a startling discovery--one of them isn't quite righ

The Biggest Scam in the History of the World
April 06, 2024

A man servant takes on the most powerful cartel the world has ever known. Phil M. Williams tells a story of corruption, greed, and world domination. Is it true? A free novel by thriller author Phil

The Perfect Husband. The Perfect Widower. Twice?
March 30, 2024

Phil M. Williams tells a creepy true crime thriller about two-time widower, Harold Henthorn. Can anyone be that unlucky? Sources: Fleeman, Michael. The Black Widower (St. Martins Press, 2017)

A Twisty True Story of Cancel Culture
March 16, 2024

Phil M. Williams tells a true story of media propaganda, racial tensions, and cancel culture. Its the story of two New Yorkers who have a seemingly petty argument, but their altercation would have na

The Island Bureau of Kindness
March 09, 2024

This hilarious satire tells the truth about human nature. Shipwrecked islanders devise a social safety net, but incentives create a calamity that leads to starvation and revolution. Phil M. Williams n

The Confrontation
March 02, 2024

A twentysomething trolls the internet for child predators. His goal: confrontation and humiliation IRL. Kyle Summers mows lawns by day and hunts child predators by night. Troy, his friend and camerama

The Predator Hunter
February 24, 2024

Kyle finally has a date, but his old clothes and blue-collar job aren't impressing his beautiful dinner companion. So, he tells her about his controversial hobby. She doesn't react the way he thought

The True Story of the Man Who Changed the World
February 17, 2024

On June 28, 1914, Sarajevo, Bosnia was alive with the exuberance of a carnival, but members of The Black Hand weren't so joyous. They had a singular goal that day--assassination. This is the thrilling

Seven Months to Live
February 10, 2024

This is the harrowing and terrifying true story of Vietnam veteran, Tom Miller. This story is one of many told to William F. Brown in his book, Our Vietnam Wars. Phil M. Williams narrates. You can

The Bakery
February 03, 2024

In this hilarious satire, a baker decides to run his bakery like the government. Phil M. Williams narrates this absurd and thought-provoking story from his book, The Propaganda Project. A free nove