Commercial Observer's Back Story Podcast

Commercial Observer's Back Story Podcast

Editors Discuss the 2023 Power 100 and Power Finance Lists

June 01, 2023

Compiling one of Commercial Observer’s annual Power lists is no mean feat. From selecting the honorees to interviewing them to ranking them and everything in between, CO’s editors have their work cut out. Layer on top of that a particularly tumultuous year for commercial real estate in which the concept of “power” itself was once again truly redefined, and you’ve got a topic worth digging into. 

Max Gross, CO’s editor in chief, and Cathy Cunningham, finance editor and co-deputy editor, stepped up to the mic to discuss this year’s Power Finance and Power 100 lists, the trends that stood out, the industry moves — and investments — that propelled people higher, and why the lists’ No. 1 honorees were so crowned. 

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea (or something more bracing), and join the conversation.