The Davo Show

The Davo Show

Connection and the Great Wild Word Series

October 07, 2021

Why I Keep Coming to the Woods

In a word…Connection.

I come to the woods to connect to the natural world. To learn about species. To see the changes of the seasons. To see the beauty and feel the wildness.

The Great Wild Word Series Begins

In this experimental audio space I call The Davo Show, I intend to try things and see what sticks.

It’s risky because I’m going to screw up in public. That’s OK. Everybody screws up. It’s how we keep growing.

What Is This Short Audio Series About?

– Creativity

– Nature

– Discovery

– Living your best life

– “Experiments In Ideas and Sounds”

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A Lightly Edited Episode Transcript

It’s Twilight. There’s just a little bit of sun in the canopy of the forest.

You can hear the wet tires on the pavement nearby. That’s the parkway that’s close to these woods. I hear a dog or maybe he hears me and maybe that’s why he’s barking.

The cars are commuters. They use this section on the parkway. I’m one of them. So I’m not complaining. Though, I have to admit when I’m recording and rather hear the woods.

I do hear summer insects. So crickets, I hear some industrial sounds from the nearby shopping centers and houses. Lots of lots of tires. This is a busy time of day people are going home from work. It’s seven o’clock (pm).

It’s not as quiet as I thought it might be

But that’s okay. I’m still out here in the woods. It’s been raining all day. Every once in a while when the wind blows, you get a little bit of a downpour from the moisture that’s still on the leaves.

And there are a lot of leaves this time of year. Most of them are not falling yet. In fact, most of them are still green. There’s a few species that are starting to turn. poplars looks like maybe a beech.

Why I Come Out Here

Man, I quite I don’t know what that is. And it looks like an oak. But that’s one of the reasons I’m out here. Because I don’t know what all the species are.

So I come out here to learn and to get a little bit more connected. And that word connected. That’s really what I’ve been thinking about when I think about the woods.

Because I keep asking myself why do you keep wanting to go out in the woods and talk to your recorder. It’s kind of an odd thing to do. Sometimes I think but I know what it is.

I want to come out and feel the raindrops.

Hear the wind. I want to get connected to this forest to the natural world on a daily basis because I spend way too much time indoors and I crave coming out here and I’m curious about that.

And I think a lot of people have similar cravings and we just want to be connected. Even those, even though that means having to listen to a bunch of cars go by sometimes.

So I’m just gonna keep walking. A couple of trees came down in the last storm and so there’s lots of sticks on the ground. My shoes are break In the branches as I walk over them, some days, forest is quiet.

Some days, it’s not so quiet, I’m scrambling over a big log that’s about three and a half, four feet off the ground, too big oak just lost its footing. And what’s interesting is two other trees right beside it, that fell over in the opposite direction. Which is weird, but these things happen.

I come out here to learn

I come out here for a deeper reason that I really don’t quite understand. But I think it has to do with that word connection has to do with somehow being centered. Just getting closer to something so simple and pure as a forest, though, I immediately immediately when I say that I know it’s not simple at all.

Forests are extremely complicated.

Extremely diverse, especially the older they are. And I don’t know how this forest is, but it’s in mountains that are really, really old. So there’s a lot of species diversity. There’s a lot of animals that are still here.

A lot of the animals are making comebacks

Like the black bear. I’ve seen him in this woods. Coyotes are showing up, more and more Bobcat are being spotted. More and more. In this area. Wild turkeys are making comeback.

Canada geese seem to be making a comeback. I sure see a lot more of them than I used to when I was a kid.

That leads me to think of osprey and other hawks, Eagles are here now, which is great.

I just want to be out here more

And the other reason I’m doing this and talking about this today is I want to recommit to getting out here more in the woods, it’s fall, which means it’s going to start getting colder, which means I’m going to be more and more reluctant to be in the woods.

Having a reason will be helpful

So that’s what I’m doing. I think I’ll call it The Great Wild Word. Today’s word is connection. We feel a lot more connected after taking a short stroll. As I thought I might.

Here’s the rain again.

This episode of the Davo Show is transcribed by the awesome