The Hobo CEO Podcast

The Hobo CEO Podcast

Ep 7: The Hobo CEO: Neurodivergent Narratives: A Journey through Entrepreneurship with Olivia de Sousa

April 15, 2024

In this engaging episode, Dr Shae Wissell delves into the world of podcasting and the experiences of neurodivergent women in business, joined by Olivia de Sousa from Livvi Music Media.

Olivia is a multi-talented entrepreneur with a deep passion for helping others achieve their business goals without succumbing to the common pitfall of social media burnout. Known fondly as Livvi, she empowers entrepreneurs by guiding them in the creation of binge-worthy podcasts with ease.

Livvi's 'Easy Peasy Podcast Packs' are a total game-changer in the industry.

They allow business owners to focus on what truly matters – sharing their inspirational stories and insights. With Livvi's assistance, entrepreneurs don't just create engaging podcasts; they establish a solid foundation for their entire marketing footprint, from videos to social media posts.

Her innovative approach has helped her clients reclaim up to six hours every week, thereby preventing burnout and enhancing productivity.

Through her love for podcasting, Livvi has had the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of professionals, from coaches and educators to social workers and radio stations. Many of her clients have gone on to land radio gigs, speaking engagements, and hot leads, amplifying their reach and impact.

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