The Rainbow Bull

The Rainbow Bull

Importance of Understanding Cyber Security: What We Should Know with Greg Klein-Hertzel (Ep. 17)

January 29, 2024

How can you protect your family’s wealth in the digital age?

Today on The Rainbow Bull, Tim Volk introduces Greg Klein-Hertzel, Founder and  CEO of ConnectivTech, to talk about the importance of understanding cyber security. Greg shares his expertise on cyber threats, the importance of strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and the risks of social engineering. Their conversation concludes with a focus on the necessity of proactive measures in protecting sensitive information in the digital age.

Tim and Greg discuss: 

  • The basics to creating security for ourselves
  • How to bank online safely
  • Who cyber threats target
  • What hackers do
  • How to be prepared for cyber security attacks and what you can do if attacked
  • What a “Go Bag” is and what should be kept in it
  • And more


Connect with Tim Volk: 

Connect with Greg Klein-Hertzel: 

About our Guest: 


My name is Greg Klein-Hertzel and I am the Founder & CEO of ConnectivTech

Greg is a highly energetic individual who is dedicated to helping his clients solve for best-in-class technology needs through a vetted group of providers. He not only helps to connect the client to the right resource but also participates in the early stages of the relationship to ensure success.

He is a graduate of the University of Vermont with a BS in Math. He happily resides in the Boston area with his family. 


At ConnectivTech our job is to match your business with the right technology. We don’t get paid until we connect your business with the right solutions. 

Businesses are relying on quotes, google reviews, and minimal research to vet technology for their company. This common method creates uncertainty and remains ineffective at best. 

To help solve this problem, ConnectivTech has two main functions. First, through in-depth analysis, ConnectivTech is constantly meeting and vetting technology companies that offer different business solutions. At ConnectivTech, we believe that technology is only as good as the people behind it. We look for good tech, good prices but most importantly, great people behind the technology. Second, after careful and thoughtful conversations, we match the pre-vetted technology companies with the businesses we are working with. We take to time to learn the blueprint of every business we are advising in order to connect that business with the right technology. 

ConnectivTech offers solutions for small, medium, or large corporations. Whether it be: 

1) Cyber security

2) 24/7 tech support

3) Website development

4) Software or app development

5) Fractional CTO or CIO services

6) PEO Software 

7) Software Vetting

8) Cyber penetration testing

9) Forensic analysis

10) Cyber compliance testing

11) Cloud optimization

12) Branding

13) Marketing

14) Communications

15) Managed business printing services. 

ConnectivTech has vetted solutions for your business.