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You Are Your Own Design: Embracing Your Uniqueness in Business
February 21, 2024

Episode SummaryIn this episode of 'A Whole Lot of Shift', host Jen Ingram discusses the importance of recognizing who you are and who you are not in building a business. She criticizes the use of personality tests and theories like Myers Briggs, Enneagram

Navigating Doubts and Decisions: Stay the Course or Pivot?
January 31, 2024

Episode SummaryIn this episode, the host, Jen Ingram speaks about how to deal with the doubts that creep in when one is considering whether to continue with their regular job or fully commit to their side business. She starts by taking the listeners back

Setting Up for Your Best Year: Personal Growth and Goal Setting
January 17, 2024

Episode SummaryIn this episode, host Jen Ingram discusses the importance of understanding oneself to set up for a strong year ahead. She sheds light on the significance of owning and understanding one's strengths and weaknesses while setting goals. She ur

Reflection and Realization: Lessons and Wins from 2023
January 10, 2024

Episode SummaryIn this episode of 'A Whole Lotta Shift', host Jen Ingram heralds the start of 2024 and looks back at the year that was. She emphasizes the importance of celebrating small wins and provides insight into our brain's tendency to focus on nega

Committing to Your Decision and Overcoming Setbacks
December 28, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode of A Whole Lotta Shift, host Jen Ingram discusses the value of being committed to a decision, especially during challenging moments in life or business. By reflecting on the frustrations that initially propelled listeners to

F*ck This Sh!t: How to Turn Frustration into Action and Success
December 20, 2023

Episode SummaryIn this episode, our host Jen Ingram shares a personal story of her pivotal "f*ck this sh!t" moment and how she used it to propel herself forward. She discusses the power of turning frustration into action and taking risks to make significa

Empowering Women to Live Their Best Lives: A Conversation with Johanna Christiansen
December 13, 2023

Episode SummaryIn today's episode, we sit down with the remarkable Johanna Christiansen, who shares her incredible journey of losing 200 pounds and reclaiming her health through diet, exercise, and positive mindset. Johanna's story is not just about physi

Behind the Scenes: Lessons Learned from Hosting an In-Person Event
November 29, 2023

Episode SummaryWelcome back to another episode of "A Whole Lotta Shift" with your host, Jen Ingram! Today, we're diving into the behind-the-scenes details of Jen's recent in-person event, and trust us when we say, it's going to be raw and real.In this epi

Clarifying Your Business Vision: Aligning Goals with Personal Values for Success
November 08, 2023

Episode SummaryWelcome to Episode 36 of A Whole Lotta Shift! In today's episode, host Jen Ingram dives into the importance of aligning personal values with business goals and strategies. With her signature enthusiasm, Jen explores the power of setting ach

Taming the Overwhelm: Practical Strategies for Finding Calm in the Chaos of Business
November 01, 2023

Episode SummaryWelcome back to another episode of A Whole Lotta Shift! I'm your host, Jen Ingram, and today we have an episode that is all about transforming overwhelm into calm in the world of business. We all know the feeling of being buried in tasks, e