Party Favorz

Party Favorz

The 2023 Ultimate Spring Break Party Mix!

March 05, 2023

Due to the length of time Party Favorz was out of service, the annual Winter Edition and Dance Club episodes have been canceled. Instead, we're starting with our Spring Offerings. Granted, there isn't any difference between the two seasons as far as what we offer in dance music, so doesn't matter other than we'll be about four episodes short for the year.

That being said, Spring Break 2023 represents just over two months of releases. Considering that nothing was dropped from this set, releases haven't been all that stealthy — a pattern I discussed in Top Dance Songs of the Year 2022 Volume 2. That doesn't mean there aren't stellar releases because there are but the trend appears to be major recording artists allowing DJs to remix their releases without having to commission them. The elephant in the room is the massive "Flowers" by Miley Cyrus and even P!nk's latest "Trustfall".  Neither of these releases was accompanied by official remixes but there is a boatload of bootlegs. Frankly, that saves the labels on marketing costs while extending these fabulous ladies' brands. The same appears to be happening with Sam Smith's latest "I'm Not Here To Make Friends". No worries though, because Party Favorz has these artists covered.

There are some big releases included in this set but a couple of standouts a worth mentioning. Sofi Tukker along with veteran DJs Kx5  (Kaskade and Deadmau5) have dropped the peak hour bomb "Sacrifice" that's rightfully blowing up everywhere. The other track blowing up right now is "Work With My Love" by Alok & James Arthur. The familiar sample the song uses is from "Lola's Theme" by The Shapeshifters. For this set, we went with the equally stellar club version of the song, which adds even more muscle to the original.

Honorable mention goes to one of last year's Top Dance Songs "Turn On the Lights (Again)" by Fred Again.. & Swedish House Mafia and featuring Future. The Anyma version pumps up the original breakbeat version, which is perfect for clubs and festivals alike.

I would like to discuss possibly putting a moratorium on sampling and remakes of certain classics. I've often discussed that "Love Sensation" by Loleatta Holloway is the most sampled song in music history. Granted, I don't have any statistics to back that up rather enough real-world experience to have come across it more times than I care to. Still, it samples one of our favorite divas and so, she gets a pass. Besides, the song is chock-full of sample-worthy bits that the temptation to flip it is too much.

Instead, I'm talking about these oft-recycled songs: 1) "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics — please, just stop with the remakes and the mashups. It was once fun but now, you've ruined a classic song from the 80s.

2) "Crazy In Love" by Beyonce - I have better bootlegs of this song than the plethora of recent remixes (and there's a lot). Just stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

3) "Children" by Robert Miles — What was once a classic Trance song has now been stripped of its original eloquence. Even the version back in the day with Hilary Clinton reading from her book "It Takes a Village" was abysmal. We get it, you love this song but it doesn't belong in yours. Please, just let this man rest in peace without destroying his legacy for a club hit.

4) "Low" by Flo Rida — I get it, this frat boy song is fun at just about any event and mixes well in a big room environment but we're sitting on about 10 versions that all sound virtually the same. Yes, I included the latest remix in this set because it's too fly for this white guy but seriously, give it a rest already. There's gotta be another song that will fill this slot before we get tired of it.

Finally, 5) "Better Off Alone" by Alice Deejay — this was my jam back in 1999 but mainly because Pete and I broke it off. It's one of those crying on-the-dancefloor songs that are built around the bubbly Ibiza sound which was all the rage at the time but at this point,