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Chatting with Golden Globe Voter, Content Creator, Filmmaker, Producer Toyin Ganiyu
February 15, 2023

Toyin Ganiyu said about her work and answered some of my questions, she is from Nigeria. more info-

Chatting with Keith Atherton(Solutions Architect) about Technical Certifications
February 13, 2023

Keith Atherton said about technical certifications, especially Microsoft certifications that he have done.More info on

Chatting with Mike Haber, Visual Consultant, Linux Tech to People Tech
February 13, 2023

Mike Haber said about his job and answered some of my questions. More info on https://

Chatting with Principal Product Manager Azure Logic Apps at Microsoft- Kent Were
February 13, 2023

Kent Weare said about he as Product Manager at Microsoft and about his previous experiences and answered some of my questions. More info- https://

Chatting with Founder & CEO at Build Stuff Software Developer Conference - Neringa Young
February 13, 2023

Neringa Young said about her work and answered some of my questions. More info- https://

Chatting with Founder of Record Once, The Man who is Revolutionising video for SaaS Products- Justin
February 13, 2023

Justin Halsall said about Record Once and it's use and it's purpose and the motivation for him to do it and answered some of my questions. He is also NYC IBM Developer Advocate & Co- Founder of AMScTech. Full info- ---

Sai Talks with Indonesian Computer Scientist, Full Stack Developer, Content Writer ilman prasetya
September 23, 2021

ilman prasetya is from Indonesia, he is full stack Developer, content writer, he is computer scientist.

Sai Talks with Ecuador Visibility Strategist Francisca
September 20, 2021

Francisca is from Ecuador, she is visibility strategist and she tells about Instagram marketing, I hope youll learn from her.

Sai Talks with USA IoT Company Monnit Sensors
September 20, 2021

Monnit Sensors is a IoT Company in USA, Nick Mecham Said About their products and services they provide.

Sai talks with Mexican Microsoft MVP, CEO of iTProve Corporation
September 12, 2021

Ftima Blancas is CEO of iTProve Corporation, Microsoft MVP from Mexico, She Said About Her Work Experience, Education, Project, Her Projects, Women In IT.