A Woman's Clarity®

A Woman's Clarity®

Demystifying Financial Planning for Families With Special Needs

October 03, 2023

So many lives are touched by someone with special needs. These families require advanced financial plans and considerations to ensure their affected loved ones will remain well cared for and financially supported through the unique challenges they may face. In this coffee break episode, Kirsten Schlumbohm, Vice President of Annuity Sales at C2P, and guest Betsy Larson, WMCP®, of Special Needs Advanced Planning, discuss how to help financial advisors approach and navigate this sensitive topic with their clients. You’ll also hear great questions from Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC, Partner and President at C2P, inquiring about what financial strategies, accounts, and tools are best to support family members with special needs.


ICE Key USB Flash Drive: https://c2pe.info/3Q1k7OL

Special Needs Advanced Planning with Betsy Larson: https://c2pe.info/46yKsJf