Latest Episodes

Innovation – R399E – OA Drug – Add Water & Stir?
November 06, 2023

Martin and his team have a possible OA drug waiting on the sidelines for lift off. Its tested in large animals and ready for human clinical trials. Learn more about R399E, the development journey

Innovation – Unlocking the Science OA Cures
September 18, 2023

Jennifer tells us that we can regrow cartilage today but, thats not enough. She leads us on a gallop through the emerging science in regenerative immunology exploring how the body can heal itself

Innovation – Stanford Takes Us Back to the Future – OA Cure in Action
July 31, 2023

Chuck Chans pioneering new breakthroughs with Skeletal Stem Cells to regrow cartilage. Super-science episode unlocks new regeneration frontiers.

Uncle Sam on OA – Leading the Charge on the Hill
July 11, 2023

Rep. Connolly gets real about Americas OA plight and brings the cure opportunity front and center. He covers his personal arthritis journey, the beauty of the new OA Fix Chart, ARPA-H NITRO, and Cong

Innovation – Bionic Cartilage
June 19, 2023

Ben and his team have created synthetic cartilage thats stronger and more slippery than the natural stuff. Theyve tested it in large animals and are heading into human trials. What is Galene? How

Innovation – Swiss Chocolate – OA Cure in Action
May 01, 2023

Ivans team is pioneering a cure for OA and has successfully treated multiple joints in humans. What is N-TEC? How does it work? When is it coming to America and how can I sign up?

Rheumatology – Inflammation Investigation
May 01, 2023

After you get your arthritis diagnosis at the orthopedist, your next appointment should be with a rheumatologist to understand what flavor of arthritis you have? Is it osteoarthritis, rheumatoid ar

OA ABCs – A View from the Arthritis Foundation
May 01, 2023

Sitting at the crossroads of everything OA, Jason leads and directs the Arthritis Foundation's science agenda and multiyear strategy. What is OA? Why do we get it? Where are we in our journey to a cur

My Arthritis Journey – and Intro to Quest for OA Cure
January 24, 2023

I could never get arthritis wrong. Heres my story that lays the groundwork for the patients guide to OA []