Disruption Blueprint Podcast

Disruption Blueprint Podcast

Become Obsessed With Change With Bobby White and Navy Seal Dom Raso (Ep. 17)

January 26, 2023

Welcome back to another episode of Disruption Blueprint! A podcast that seeks to provide turnkey solutions, analyzing ​​actionable tactics, guidance, and the tools to survive and thrive during periods of uncertainty and disruption.

In this episode, Founder and CEO of RFG Advisory Bobby White and Navy SEAL Dom Raso discuss all things obsession, change, changing the generic way of thinking, and more. Through a customized curriculum, meant to stimulate critical thinking and quickly adapt to a new future, this podcast truly aspires to inspire and empower a new breed of advisors.

All of the heart-wrenching events that have shocked the world to its core have us thinking that there is only so much we can do. Or so you think. After two years of COVID, we are hopeful that everyone is coming out on the other side stronger and evolved. However, the bottom line is— nothing has changed. There are always going to be obstacles, adversity, and other circumstances that we cannot control. Bobby advises us that being able to adapt to certain situations while making a positive influence on peoples’ lives is the absolute right way to crush everything.

Adapting to certain situations is never easy, but not impossible. Bobby and Dom clearly identify what makes us human: the three pillars being mind, soul, and body. They advise us that progressing in these areas doesn’t happen without the forging. You can make gradual improvements without crushing metal, without sparks in the heat, without pain and adversity, to truly create leaps and bounds.

“Six years ago, we talked about pivoting, you know, we tore the house down and rebuilt RFG over a five-year period of time,” says Bobby. “And was that hard? Yes. It was hard. It was risky. People told us that we were absolutely nuts, that we were doing it too. We’re doing too much, doing it too quickly. And Shannon and Rick and I, we looked at each other and said, No, man, we’re obsessed with this, this is what we’re going to do. And look at us now.”

When you are faced with challenges, you have two options: grow from it, or give up. After all, humans were not made to be perfect. We will all fall, stumble, and be faced with adversity. But, it’s what you do with those stumbling blocks. Bobby tells us that after all, changing our past is not something we can fix. And by dwelling on it, that will do absolutely nothing. Dom advises us to use our failures as a forward path to becoming a strength. Ultimately, they become your character and an integral part of who you are. Take those failures and use that to your advantage.

Bobby tells us that being obsessed is simply committing to something with your whole being to make yourself better, and make the people around you better. When you think of the word “obsessed”, it often can have a negative context behind it. By turning that upside down, you can look at this a different way and have a positive outlook on life. With a servant’s heart and a warrior mindset, you can help to make this world a better place to live in.

Join the conversation to hear all about:

  • Accept that the hard path will only make you stronger.
  • What is fear? How do we clearly define that?
  • Identify what you need to put your effort into.
  • Build your path forward.
  • Do not become complacent and get 1% better every day.
  • Live your life with ultimate integrity and extreme accountability.
  • Everything you do matters.
  • Your “why” can change over time.
  • Live life to the fullest.
  • Show up when no one else is willing to do so.

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