Disruption Blueprint Podcast

Disruption Blueprint Podcast

Changing How You Communicate With Clients Ft. Josh Kilsch, Financial Advisor at Billings Group (Ep. 11)

January 24, 2023

“Show up every day, try to crush it.”

This Disruption Blueprint episode with guest Josh Kilsch, Financial Advisor at Billings Group, dives into why succession planning is a necessity, how to build your practice for the future, and how to take ownership of your life no matter what path you’re on. From a very young age, Josh was called to the importance of communication and compassion, the importance of being present with skills that serve him well as an advisor. He is someone who can listen to a client’s story and understand their goals.

“There’s so much that is detailed to a client’s story that you have to be able to have compassion, you have to be able to listen to them, you have to be ready to hear what they want, and then see how you’re going to help them achieve that timeline goal,” Josh says.

The future of Billings Group is bright. In this episode, Josh and RFG President, Shannon Spotswood, talk about the firm’s growth and the move toward being fully independent. The next steps involve continuing to grow, showing up every day, trying to crush it.

From good relationships to good communication, Josh talks about what he loves about RFG Advisory and the Billings Group coming together. Huddle up, you don’t want to miss this incredible episode of Disruption Blueprint.

Join the conversation to hear about:

  • Josh’s beginnings: from dropping out of high school to master’s in theology
  • Blending qualities as an advisor and as a minister
  • How human capital comes into play through work
  • “What I love about RFG and the Billings Group coming together”
  • What does mindset mean to Josh?
  • Taking ownership of your life
  • The dynamic Billings Group team of different personalities
  • Building the firm for the future

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