Imperfect Heart

Imperfect Heart

Episode 5: 2 Women Both Athletes, 2 Surgeries, 2 Stories to Share

April 18, 2023

I had the great privilege of speaking with two female athletes, both working moms and both having suffered with and then recovered from “unroofing” surgery for their Myocardial Bridges. What’s most interesting is that they met on this podcast and Veronica Thaxton is only six and a half weeks out of surgery while Sarah Miller is almost 18 months out of surgery. What they discuss is the experience they both had from diagnosis to surgery, but more importantly, what to expect in the recovery process. Veronica literally gets a vicarious experience as Sarah can explain what she has gone through to get to where she is today… running again but with a twist and sharing with Veronica, what to expect and how she navigated her situation to arrive at where she is now. Of course, I’ll have something to say along the way as I fit somewhat midrange on the time frame of recovery.

The episode is split into two parts, the first is what led to the need to identify a debilitating symptom through to the diagnosis and recommendation for surgery and the second part will be the details of surgery, the aftermath from a very fresh and recent patient in Veronica and a bit more experienced recovery in that of Sarah and myself.

My hope is that there is something in here for everyone, athlete or not, to take away and apply at the various stages you may be in from the diagnostic to the exercise post surgery and everything in between.

For more information and to find the FAQ’s on Myocardial Bridges or Doctors known to be performing the surgeries, visit