Imperfect Heart

Imperfect Heart

Episode 3: Stanford’s Dr. Ingela Schnittger Defines the Myocardial Bridge. (part 1 of 2 episodes)

March 15, 2023

Dr.Ingela Schnittger, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford University Medical Center is my guest for this discussion. Oh, what a conversation we have. I listened and learned and she tutored. I am so excited to share this episode with you as you’ll likely learn more than you knew about your Myocardial Bridge and come to have a much better understanding about the nature of our bridges, proper diagnosis and opportunities for reduction or relief from the symptoms. I don’t think there is a better person to help each of us and any one we think that will benefit from understanding our MB situations than the person responsible for the origination of the Myocardial Bridge Research Team at Stanford. I couldn’t be more excited to have what she has to say available for you in this first of two parts from our conversation. This is most definitely a program to take notes on as you can use this information to help your cardiologist better understand what’s going on with you. Dr. Schnittger is a staunch supporter of each of us advocating for ourselves as we all know we must if we’re going to convince those less aware of the conditions we’re dealing with. We are making progress in more cardiologists recognizing a MB as a potentially devastating defect and that’s good news since the evidence now suggests there could be upwards of 25% of the population afflicted with this defect. Does is cause sudden cardiac arrest even death? The first 5 minutes of the discussion will cement your opinion on whether or not this can be a life or death defect. I hope you enjoy, learn and not only get some confirmation for your situation but that you get excited about the fact that there is more awareness and opportunity for symptom reduction of the Myocardial Bridge and it’s subsequent consequences; In other words hope for relief.

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