Imperfect Heart

Imperfect Heart

Episode 29: You’re Having Symptoms of a Heart Issue. The Story of Myocardial Bridges You Should Know.

May 08, 2024

In this episode, I attempt to reveal some lesser known truths of myocardial bridges as I unravel the complexity of heart-related symptoms that often go misdiagnosed. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the disparity between the prevalence of this condition and the surprisingly low number of patients who receive accurate diagnoses. Did you know one-in-four of us is likely to have a myocardial bridge? How many people may actually be dying as a result of an undiagnosed bridge? Amidst the statistics that paint heart disease as the leading cause of death, I’ll shed some light on the silent battles many face with undiagnosed chest pain, shortness of breath, and the emotional toll of not knowing. This episode is meant to outline and guide those affected or suffering from chest pain or shortness of breath or chronic fatigue towards recognizing the proper signs and advocating for themselves in a healthcare landscape that can sometimes overlook such crucial ailments.

With options ranging from traditional sternotomy to state-of-the-art robotic surgery for “unroofing” a myocardial bridge, guests have shared their personal anecdotes of navigating these decisions and the life-changing moments post-surgery. With myself included, we’re all testament to the fact that the surgery does benefit us and it needs to be more accessible for those in need. Let the “cycle to diagnosis” support you in your journey giving you a list of action items that should lead you to your resolution of the condition or at the very least a proper diagnosis of your condition. I have no doubt proper diagnosis of a myocardial bridge saves lives through the ripple effect of heightened recognition and medical progress.