Imperfect Heart

Imperfect Heart

Episode 28: Kathy Hoseth’s Rebellion Against Symptom Dismissal Erased 50 Years of Doubt.

April 23, 2024

Join me as I sit down with Kathy Hoseth, a remarkable woman with a compelling story of heart health struggles and self-advocacy. From her early childhood days experiencing unexplained chest pains to the complex journey of navigating the healthcare system as an adult, Kathy’s narrative is a testament to resilience. She candidly shares the dismissive attitudes of medical professionals she encountered and how she persisted in the search for a diagnosis, shedding light on the crucial need for patients to listen to their bodies and advocate for their health.

As her tale unfolds, she reveals the discovery of a myocardial bridge that was overlooked for years. Her story takes a hopeful turn with the identification of her condition, leading to the “unroofing” surgery that set her on a path to recovery. This episode gives you a front-row seat to the inspiring account of Kathy’s medical journey, her relentless pursuit of answers, and the life-changing operation that ultimately improved her quality of life. We explore the significant role of having a supportive medical team and the importance of being heard when it comes to one’s health. A staunch reminder that to be heard, one needs to speak up and in the case of myocardial bridges, the voice needs to be, not only spoken loudly, but confirmed it was heard.

Kathy’s experience is more than just a medical case; it’s a narrative that underscores the power of patient advocacy and the difference it can make. As she shares her post-surgery life and the joys of being a grandmother of eight, Kathy’s story serves as an encouragement to anyone facing health challenges. Her contributions to raising awareness are invaluable, reminding us all to never overlook symptoms and to push for timely intervention. This is a heartwarming episode that celebrates Kathy’s journey, the surgical progress to correct a myocardial bridge and the collective power of shared experiences in healing and recovery.