That Show Hasn't Been Funny In Years: an SNL podcast on Radio Misfits

That Show Hasn't Been Funny In Years: an SNL podcast on Radio Misfits

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That Show – Goober The Clown
September 27, 2023

Nick talks about Cecily Strong's incredible Weekend Update Feature piece in which she played "Goober The Clown." On September 1st, 2021, Texas effectively banned abortions, leading to other bans and changes in policy and law. So, in response to the ban, o

That Show – Weekend Update Writer, Katie Rich
September 20, 2023

Nick has a fantastic conversation with Katie Rich, an incredible writer/performer who spent 6 seasons writing on "Saturday Night Live," exclusively working on Weekend Update. They talk about Katie's early life growing up on the Southside of Chicago (as a

That Show – Larry David & SNL
September 13, 2023

Larry David is now considered a great host, and recurring star on SNL (his impression of Bernie Sanders is legendary, and his character Kevin Roberts has become a cult favorite), but that wasn't always the case. In this episode, Nick looks back at the one

That Show – Subversive SNL
September 06, 2023

Nick looks back at acts, sketches, films, characters and moments that were not only edgy and took some risks, but were (and still remain) completely subversive. From the start, Saturday Night Live was inherently ballsy, risky, edgy and counter-cultural. F

That Show – The Anchors of Weekend Update
August 30, 2023

Nick talks about the history of Saturday Night Live's 'Weekend Update,' including the name changes (it was called other things including 'SNL Newsbreak' for a bit), the format tinkering, and the seasons when, inexplicably, they thought it was a good idea

That Show – Hosts With Recurring Characters
August 23, 2023

We all know about "The Five-Timers Club," which consists of celebrities who have hosted "Saturday Night Live" five times or more, but there is also a more exclusive club that consists of some hosts who are so good, that they actually have recurring charac

That Show – Pee Wee Hosts SNL
August 16, 2023

In remembrance of Paul Reubens, who passed away this week, Nick looks back at the connections that Reubens had with "Saturday Night Live," including the story of how he was passed over to be a cast member, to the hilarious Digital Short he made with Andy

That Show – Director, Oz Rodriguez
August 09, 2023

Nick chats with Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Oz Rodriguez, who kicked off his career making comedy shorts for "Funny Or Die" and then had a blast for over a decade on "Saturday Night Live," creating laugh-out-loud films with guest hosts like Emma Stone, B

That Show – Uh, Oh….It’s Dice
August 02, 2023

Nick looks back at the only time that controversial comedian Andrew Dice Clay hosted "Saturday Night Live," and it was, well....something. From a full week of non-stop news, crazy attention, and angry press, to the protest and boycott of Musical Guest Sin

July 26, 2023

Nick welcomes SNL cast member Molly Kearney to the podcast to talk about their first year on the show, their childhood in Cleveland, their stand-up comedy career that started in Chicago, and what it's like to be the very first Non-binary cast member in SN