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What is a Woman? Part 2: WOMEN ARE NOT UNDEFINABLE
January 24, 2023

This is the second episode of the What is a Woman? series. In this show, Jennifer calls out Victoria Secret, the Miss Universe pageant, and the idea that men should []

What is a Woman? Part 1: From the Rib of Man
January 17, 2023

This is the First Installment of the series, What is a Woman? In this episode, Jennifer uses ancient Hebrew to begin to define the purpose of womanhood. To support this []

Are You Feeling Uninvited?
January 10, 2023

In this first episode, Jennifer shares the origin of the I AM A WOMAN podcast, and the poetry that changed her life. You can find her framable identity poetry here. []

I AM A WOMAN Podcast Trailer
January 04, 2023

What is a Woman, and what is her purpose? Some people dont even know the answer to that question anymore. In a culture that degrades the value of being female, []

I AM A WOMAN Podcast Trailer
January 01, 2023

My Name Means Life