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November 12, 2022

Middle AgesColonial Money and BankingReal Estate Investment
November 05, 2022

Different Types of governmentsTheory of moneyIndex Funds and Mutual Funds
October 29, 2022

Early CivilizationsNature of Money Part ThreeInvestment Opportunities Part Three (Bonds/Fixed-Income Securities)
October 22, 2022

Early governmentsNature of money and early moniesStock Market
October 15, 2022

Agricultural revolutionNature of moneyMeaning of Investment
October 08, 2022

This is my podcast's first episode and an introduction to what you will hear in future episodes. In this series of podcasts, I will tell you the story of the modern economy and the factors that caused its emergence!
October 01, 2022

Who am I and Why I made This Podcast