ORISE Featurecast

ORISE Featurecast

Crystal Clark: Winner of 2021 CIA Mission Possible Competition

February 15, 2023

Crystal Clark, a fourth-grade teacher at Mary Munford Elementary School in Richmond, won the CIA Mission Possible Classroom Transformation competition in 2021, through which she received $25,000 to buy new technology for her classroom. In this episode of the ORISE Featurecast, host Michael Holtz talks to Clark and some of her students about how new technology has transformed her classroom, her school and their lives. Two competitions sponsored by the CIA are open right now: CIA Mission Possible Makerspace Nation, which will award a $30,000 makerspace to one K-12 STEAM educator each in Chicago, Kansas City and Omaha; and CIA Mission Possible Operation Advance Technology, which will award five $60,000 computer and coding stations to K-8 STEAM educators across the country. Learn more at the links below:

CIA Mission Possible Makerspace Nation: https://orise.orau.gov/cia-mission-possible/

CIA Mission Possible Operation Advance Technology: https://orise.orau.gov/cia-operation-tech/

CIA Mission Possible Makerspace Nation and CIA Mission Possible Operation Advance Technology are sponsored by the Central Intelligence Agency and administered by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education.