Finish Big - The Podcast with Mark Dorman from Legacy Business Advisors.

Finish Big - The Podcast with Mark Dorman from Legacy Business Advisors.

Executing A Successful Exit Plan With Rich Craig (Ep. 36)

April 23, 2024

With a rapidly evolving marketplace and the persistent talent shortages in the accounting industry, the need for expert guidance in succession planning has never been more critical

In this insightful episode, Mark Dorman speaks with Rich Craig, Managing Partner at 415 Group. Together, they discuss the intricacies of growing an accounting firm and the broader challenges that the industry faces. Rich imparts his wisdom on the vital topic of succession planning for business owners, underlining the significance of strategic foresight and the support of trusted professionals. By exploring the 415 Group’s approach to fostering advisory boards and their dedication to consistent client collaboration, you will learn how to navigate the complex exit process confidently and strategically.

Rich discusses: 

  • The history, growth, and expansion of the 415 Group
  • Challenges and solutions to the talent shortage in the accounting industry
  • Succession planning
  • Collaboration with other firms
  • And more


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About our Guest: 

As managing partner at 415 Group, Rich Craig manages a portfolio of client accounts, while also being responsible for the day-to-day operations of the firm. For over 30 years, he’s brought a wealth of accounting and consulting expertise to the firm with a focus on business valuation, forensic accounting, merger and acquisition assistance, as well as corporate tax and structured growth planning.

Having served as an expert witness in hundreds of court cases, Rich has a deep understanding of business valuation, forensic accounting, and economic damages as they relate to the law. Beyond litigation, Rich shares his expertise as a nationally requested speaker at many legal CLE and accounting CPE educational events.

Rich brings a unique background to 415 Group’s clients, allowing them to go beyond tax planning and compliance to entrepreneurial growth and success. He has previously used his skillset to work in the National Tax Department in Washington D.C. at Ernst & Young and on the Accountant Advisory Council for Intuit, Inc., based in Mountain View, California.

As a leader in the firm, he has a keen eye for matching clients with the right team to best serve their needs. He values collaboration, knowing that a team with a diverse skill set is a stronger advocate for clients than just one individual. That culture is embraced by both clients and staff and has helped the firm grow from 15 to over 100 associates during his time at the firm.