Attract Pre-Sold Clients

Attract Pre-Sold Clients

How I Failed My Way to $5-Million

December 26, 2022

As entrepreneurs, we spend an incredible amount of time, money, and energy trying to figure out what our audience wants and how we can create products or services that solve their problems. And often, new entrepreneurs spend even more time in the ‘incubation phase’ of launching a product without surveying their audience to determine if their audience needs align with what they truly want. But if you’re incubating, then you’re invisible.


The power of feedback is an essential tool for growing a successful business.


In this episode, I share how I failed to earn $5-Million. I share how learning from my mistakes and failures helped me improve my offers and increase my income. I highlight how one expensive mistake eventually led me to incredible success. I discuss the difference between knowing what your audience wants versus identifying what they need, how to remove the guesswork from trying to figure it out, and the dangers of getting stuck in the ‘incubation phase’ of launching an offer. I explain why entrepreneurs need to embrace the idea that making adjustments to their offers is a never-ending process. I also share actionable strategies to help you receive feedback from your audience and how to split-test your audience to identify the best sales strategies to convert them into pre-sold clients.


“The growth of your business is a flexible journey that requires you to adapt.” - Jason Linett


This week on Attract Pre-Sold Clients:


●     Identifying what your audience wants vs. what they need

●     How using the Listen, Create, Launch strategy helped me earn $100,000 in a single month from a single event

●     The danger of getting stuck in the incubation phase

●     Embracing that adjusting what you do is a never-ending journey

●     How to launch your offer with raving fans

●     Creating an organic testimonial machine

●     Identifying and overcoming ‘Founder Syndrome.’

●     Actionable strategies you can implement today  to receive feedback from your audience

●     Split-testing your marketing strategies to discover what works


Resources Mentioned:


●     Training: The Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker


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