Make it Inevitable

Make it Inevitable

Get Back in Flow: How to Move Out of a Rut or Period of Stagnation

December 20, 2022
“Just because things aren’t being reflected back to you doesn’t mean they’re not happening.”

In this episode, we’re talking about moving out of ruts and periods of stagnation, something all of us have to face at some point on our journeys. These are seasons where we lack flow, everything seems to stall out, and no matter what we do, we can’t seem to get back in motion. It’s very easy to fall into doubt, worry, scarcity, and fear during these times, but there are tangible actions we can take to move out of a rut and get back into flow around what we desire.

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What to listen for:

  • The reason we end up in ruts and periods of stagnation

  • What happens when it feels like the universe has “gone quiet” on us

  • Learning to hold a certain energetic frequency during ruts

  • Trusting the process regardless of circumstances

Just because things aren’t being reflected back to you doesn’t mean they’re not happening. It doesn’t mean that they’re not aligning. We have to learn to hold a certain energetic frequency, even in those periods of ruts and stagnations, and there are certain things that we can do to get back in motion more quickly.”

  • Move out of a rut in a period of stagnation more quickly

  • Essential questions to ask yourself to come back into alignment

  • Making space is one of the most potent steps we can take

  • How to clean up your energetic leaks

“Create space. Clear clutter. Get rid of distractions and mechanisms for numbing. Step out of any misaligned obligations. Anything that’s taking up space, time, energy, or attention that’s not aligned for you anymore, clear it out, and don’t fill it. Sit in the void created by the space.

  • Healing stored grief and trauma creates flow

  • Navigating uncertainty when we’re in the messy middle

  • The energetics of moving out of a rut

  • Understanding that “tests” are just energetic checkpoints

  • Holding steady for what you really want despite fear

These are opportunities for us to deepen our alignment, our commitment, and our declaration that we can have what we desire by continuing to say no to what is not in alignment. We don’t talk to the ex. We don’t take on the old client or go back to the old job. We don’t say yes to the apartment on the wrong side of town. We hold steady for what we desire.

  • Pushing what we want further away by settling

  • Staying centered and calm when nothing is happening

  • Building trust in yourself and the universe

  • Ruts and periods of stagnation are ripe with possibilities

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