Handcrafting Your Retirement

Handcrafting Your Retirement

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Family Finances: Navigating the Future with the Ramsey Trio (Ep. 24)
October 25, 2023

Imagine a world where the younger generation is not only savvy with technology but also with their finances. Dive into an engaging conversation as Brett Ramsey and his two insightful daughters, Carol

Planning for Retirement and Beyond with Randy and Margo Wheeler (Ep. 23)
September 27, 2023

When it comes to financial and retirement planning, it can be easy to talk about the best strategies in the best scenarios. But what do the financial planning decisions look like from a clients persp

How to Thrive in Retirement with Retiree, Jennifer Clapp (Ep. 22)
September 13, 2023

Retirement means planning for a lot of things. Having enough money, planning what you will do during retirement and how your money will be spent. Along with that comes planning for something you haven

Are You Ready for Retirement? With David and Julie Armstrong (Ep. 21)
August 23, 2023

What do you want to do during retirement? Are you financially ready? What about emotionally? Learn about personal planning for retirement from a couple in the midst of preparing for their own retirem

Customizing Financial Strategies for Retirees (Ep. 20)
August 09, 2023

Have you ever had the feeling that unexpected events disrupt your well-planned routine? What role do family dynamics play in your retirement planning decisions? In this episode, Brett Ramsey speaks w

How Can Retirement Planning Help You Overcome Unexpected Life Changes? with Davida Hutson (Ep. 19)
July 26, 2023

Retirement planning is a crucial aspect of our financial well-being that often goes overlooked until it becomes a pressing reality. Therefore, It is crucial to listen and learn from experiences to en

Unveiling the Retirement Journey of John and Mary (Ep. 18)
July 12, 2023

Join us as we unravel the remarkable story of John and Mary, two individuals who defied retirement uncertainties and crafted a successful roadmap for their future. In this episode, John and Mary, who

Retirement Income Security: Bond Laddering & Bullet Shares (Ep. 17)
June 28, 2023

Do you feel lost when it comes to securing your retirement income amidst an unpredictable market? In this episode, Brett Ramsey and Jason Bloom, Senior Director of Global ETF Strategy at Invesco US i

Planning Your Retirement with The Income Conductor Tool (Ep. 16)
June 14, 2023

As someone approaches retirement, you may be worried about how to make your savings last for the long haul. Its a common concern, but fortunately, theres a tool that can help: The Income Conductor.

How The Classic Game of Tic Tac Toe Can Help You Navigate Financial Decisions (Ep. 15)
May 24, 2023

Do you remember playing Tic Tac Toe? What if that same classic game could help revolutionize your retirement financial decisions? Whether in 1-5 years, 6-10 years, or 11+ years, this game can help y