Money Is Emotional

Money Is Emotional

Helping Your Senior Parents with Money ft. Julianne Miller (Ep. 29)

December 20, 2023

How can you help your aging parents with their finances?

In this episode, Financial Dignity® Coach, Christine Luken, welcomes her friend and special guest, Julianne Miller, an accredited financial counselor and the owner of Life Money Management. Christine and Julianne answer how you can help your senior parents with money and discuss the challenges and solutions of managing finances for aging parents. They highlight the signs that indicate a need for assistance, such as forgetfulness and disorganization, and discuss the role of a daily money manager. They also dive into the importance of using personal finance apps for transparency and communication, preparing legal documents in advance, and protecting seniors from scams.

Julianne discusses: 

  • What led her to financial coaching and daily money management
  • The signs that our senior parents or loved ones may need assistance with their personal finances
  • Various options we have to help our senior family members with money management
  • Protecting aging parents from scams and the importance of being vigilant
  • How to begin the conversation with our senior parents
  • And more


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About Our Guest: 

Julianne Miller, AFC ®, is the founder of Life Money Management. For over 26 years, Julianne Miller has been bringing calm to the people she works with. Whether it was in corporate jobs where her calm demeanor helped calm a stressed boss, or in the accounting and tax world where she brought calm to elderly clients and sole proprietors nervous about their tax liabilities and bills to be paid, she has always had the ability to be a careful listener, diligent researcher, and finder of answers. She has always been able to simplify the complex so others could understand and make the best decisions with what they had. Her love of helping others, especially women and their money, brought her to Financial Counseling in 2017. Since then, she has loved bringing Clarity, Confidence, and Peace to her clients who want to make smart decisions with their money so they can finally reach their dreams and goals.