Money Is Emotional

Money Is Emotional

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Help! I’m Terrified of Taxes With Lisa Niser (Ep. 11)
March 22, 2023

We get it, taxes can be terrifying. Lets put your tax fears at ease together. In this episode, Financial Dignity Coach, Christine Luken, brings on the one and only Lisa Niser a tax pro with a pass

Unearthing Your Money Story (Ep. 10)
March 08, 2023

Are you tired of feeling like a hamster on a wheel when it comes to your finances? Its time to break the cycle and unleash your inner money boss! In this episode, Financial Dignity Coach, Christine

5 Reasons Why People Give Up On Their Money Goals (Ep. 9)
February 22, 2023

Ready, set, stick to your money goals! Its no secret that New Years resolutions can be tough to keep, especially when it comes to our finances. But dont worry, Financial Dignity Coach Christine L

Talking Money With Your Honey With Adam Kol (Ep. 8)
February 08, 2023

Talking about money with your honey doesnt have to be painful or stressful! Its normal to not agree with each other 100% of the time, but that doesnt mean we cant navigate those differences with l

Debt-Busting 101: The Top 5 Methods to Say Goodbye to Bad Debt (Ep. 7)
January 25, 2023

Ready to kick debt to the curb? Whether youre a debt newbie or a seasoned pro, this episode is for you! Join Financial Dignity Coach, Christine Luken, as she shares 5 different strategies for payin

How To Stop Spending Emotionally (Ep. 6)
January 11, 2023

Not all spending is bad. Some emotional spending is good, but when it starts to negatively affect our finances or results in regrettable purchases, its time to take a step back and try to fix our spe

Is My Spouse Hiding Money From Me? (Ep. 5)
December 28, 2022

37% of people keep at least one financial secret from their romantic partner. If your relationship is on the rocks or divorce has already been mentioned, you should be on high alert. In this episode,

Why You Should Let Your Kids Fail With Money With James Lenhoff (Ep. 4)
December 14, 2022

Every parent wants their children to be successful financially, but running to the rescue can actually hinder their financial growth and understanding. The hard truth: Let your kids fail In this epis

High Income, Hot Mess (Ep. 3)
November 30, 2022

Contrary to popular belief, more money wont fix your financial problems! (If that were true, then celebrities and professional athletes would never go bankrupt.) In this episode of Money Is Emotional

Why Money is So Emotional (Ep. 2)
November 16, 2022

Forget trying to take emotions out of your money. Instead, commit to increasing your emotional money IQ. As the Financial Dignity Coach, Christine Luken, started this podcast to empower you with the