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Sense and Sensibility (2024)
February 29, 2024

Welcome to another delightful episode of Girls Gone Hallmark! This week, your favorite Hallmark hosts, Megan and Wendy, are diving into the charming world of Hallmark Channel's "Sense and Sensibility.

The Way Home S2 Ep5
February 28, 2024

Welcome to another delightful episode of Girls Gone Hallmark! In this week's show, your hosts Megan and Wendy dive deep into the heartwarming yet mysterious world of "The Way Home," specifically focus

CrimeTime: FreeFall
February 27, 2024

Welcome back, Hallmark fans! We invite you to tune in to the newest episode of Girls Gone Hallmark, featuring hosts Megan and Wendy, as they delve into the exciting world of a fresh crime series from

An American in Austen
February 22, 2024

Welcome back, Hallmark enthusiasts! Join us with the latest episode of Girls Gone Hallmark, where hosts Megan and Wendy, dive deep into the heartwarming world of Jane Austen with a review of the Hallm

The Way Home S2 Ep4
February 21, 2024

Get ready for an intriguing dive into the world of "The Way Home" as Megan and Wendy, your favorite hosts from Girls Gone Hallmark, dissect the latest episode filled with new theories and unsolved mys

Dater’s Handbook
February 20, 2024

Your favorite Hallmark podcast is back with a brand new fan-favorite request. Girls Gone Hallmark reviews the Hallmark Channel movie "Dater's Handbook," starring Meghan Markle and Kristoffer Polaha. W

Love & Jane
February 15, 2024

Welcome to another exciting episode of Girls Gone Hallmark, the award-winning podcast where Megan and Wendy dive into all things Hallmark Channel! Today, we are thrilled to review the latest installme

Love at First Dance
February 13, 2024

Girls Gone Hallmark is an award-winning podcast for all things Hallmark Channel! In today's new episode, co-hosts Megan and Wendy, treat listeners to a fan-favorite request. Listen to their review of

Paging Mr. Darcy
February 08, 2024

Welcome back to your go-to podcast for Hallmark movie reviews - Girls Gone Hallmark! Join Megan and Wendy as they review the brand new Hallmark Channel original "Paging Mr. Darcy" and share their unex

The Way Home S2 Ep3
February 07, 2024

Forget the sophomore slump curse, the second season of "The Way Home" is better than ever. Girls Gone Hallmark is your go-to "The Way Home" podcast for all the theories and unsolved mysteries of Port