Matters of Brown Deer SD

Matters of Brown Deer SD

Investing for the Future: A Closer Look at K-12 Education Funding in Wisconsin

May 02, 2023

Education funding has long been a topic of discussion, with questions about where the money comes from, how it's allocated, and whether or not it's enough to meet the needs of students and teachers. During this episode, you'll hear from Brown Deer’s Director of Business Services, Kevin Klimek, who will help shed light on this complex topic.

You'll learn about the different sources of K12 education funding, including federal funding, and how each source impacts schools differently. You'll also learn about the challenges and opportunities associated with preparing a budget for the upcoming school year.

But it's not just about understanding the issues – as an audience, you'll also learn about ways you can help. By reaching out to your local elected officials, community leaders, and advocacy groups, you can make your voice heard and help push for changes that will benefit K12 education funding.

By the end of this episode, you'll have a deeper understanding of K12 education funding and its impact on schools and students. So tune in and get ready to learn how you can help advocate for K12 education funding in your community.

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