Slow Flowers Podcast

Slow Flowers Podcast

Episode 606: The Profitability Sweet Spot for Selling to Wholesale Florists with Jessie Witscher of Vermont’s Understory Farm  

April 19, 2023

Last month I participated in the Spring Educational and Workshop Series presented by Green Mountain Floral Supply in Burlington, Vermont. It was a Slow Flowers love fest, bringing me together with Tom and Kim Jennings, owners of Green Mountain; Jayson Munn, seminar coordinator; Holly Chapple, who taught floral design and business workshops for three days; and today's guest, local Vermont flower farmer Jessie Witscher, co-owner with her partner Gregory Witscher of Understory Farm -- all Slow Flowers members.

Jessie Witscher, photographed by Jenna Brisson at Green Mountain Floral Supply

A bird's eye view of the beautiful Understory Farm

Jessie was invited to share about her flower farm, and to discuss growing premium specialty cut flowers to supply Green Mountain. We also heard a presentation by farmer-florist Abby Matson of Diddle & Zen, also located in the Burlington area. I took advantage of a free day to invite both Jessie and Abby to record conversations to share with you. We'll hear from Abby in a few weeks, but today, you're in for a treat to learn from Jessie.

A stunning drone image of the flower fields at Understory Farm

We'll learn how Jessie and Gregory do the math to calculate profitability for their mostly wholesale-focused operation. Nearly 80 percent of their flowers include wholesale channels to Green Mountain Floral Supply and to two grocery coops in their region. If you've always wondered how to make it work, learning from Jessie's insights is a great place to start.

Grocery bouquets from Understory Farm

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In other news, if you're a Southeastern flower grower, you're invited to Join Slow Flowers +Johnny's Selected Seeds at attend a free webinar on April 27th (2 pm Pacific/5 pm Eastern). I'll be co-hosting the session with Johnny's Seeds' Flower Product Manager Hillary Alger for a discussion on what it means to grow flowers in the challenging climatic conditions of the southern United States.

Our guest panel of experienced Slow Flowers members are cut-flower growers from Florida, North Carolina, and Texas. We'll hear their farming stories firsthand and discuss regional growing challenges, lessons learned, and their favorite varieties. You'll meet and learn from them:

Rita Anders, Cuts of Color, Weimar, Texas

Eileen Tongson, FarmGal Flowers, Orlando, Florida

Taij & Victoria Cotten, Cotten Picked, Pittsboro, North Carolina

Julia Keel, Full Keel Farm, Fort White, Florida

The webinar is free and you can sign up at the link below.

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