Slow Flowers Podcast

Slow Flowers Podcast

Episode 630: Celebrating our 10th Anniversary! From the Slow Flowers Podcast Archives – an Encore of Episode 475 with Talia Boone of Postal Petals

October 04, 2023

I hope you have been enjoying our 10-year retrospective as I have. It has been so fun to reconnect with some of our Slow Flowers members who shared their stories on the Slow Flowers Podcast over the past decade.

Postal Petals founder and CEO Talia Boone @ Nancy Hernandez

This week, I’m delighted to revisit my Fall 2020 interview with Talia Boone of Los Angeles-based Postal Petals. Postal Petals has a social impact mission through flowers and I’m excited to re-introduce Talia and her story in our conversation today.  Talia is a self-described floral enthusiast and DIY floral arranger.

Talia Boone (right) of Postal Petals

Based in Los Angeles, Talia often shopped at the Los Angeles Flower Market during public hours, bringing home flowers to arrange and enjoy — as part of her personal creativity and mental health practice. Postal Petals’ origins date to the start of COVID when Talia sought out a direct-from-the-farm source for the flowers she yearned to have. In the subsequent three years, the venture has made inspiring strides for the local flower community, especially communities of women (and some men) for whom flowers are now a source of healing and wellness.

American Flowers Week with Postal Petals - June 2021 @randyschwartzphoto

Let’s revisit my October 2020 conversation with Talia Boone. I can’t wait to share it with you as an encore episode in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Slow Flowers Podcast.

Thanks so much for joining us today! I'll be hosting an IG Live conversation with Talia today, October 4th, so check it out @slowflowerssociety – She promised me there’s a lot of news to update our Slow Flowers Community. You'll find my conversation with Talia and all of my Slow Flowers Podcast 10th anniversary Live Chats in the archives there.

And here’s a bit of a Postal Petals’ update:

During our IG Live conversation, Talia and I discuss Postal Petals’ current campaign to raise support for its series of free community wellness events. These are monthly events intended to provide a therapeutic experience that seamlessly weaves together the harmonious practices of yoga, meditation, and floral arranging to marginalized communities. While Postal Petals has been underwriting the costs of the free events for the last year and a half, a new crowdfund campaign will help continue making these events free and accessible and expand the offering to even more people in cities across the country. Check out the link to Postal Petals’ campaign here.

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