Experimental Brewing

Experimental Brewing

Brew Files – Episode 150 – REPLAY – The Bad Apple

October 15, 2023

A Cider Tote

The Brew Is Out There!

On this week’s episode of the Brew Files, we get ready for the fall with a quick lesson in making America’s founding beverage – cider. We come at it from two different points of view (surprise!) since Denny has actual apple trees and Drew has a giant city surrounding him (but apple orchards a short drive away!) But together, we’ll get you to the right answer about to make great cider from some bad apples!


The Everything Hard Cider Book – http://amzn.to/2xPZb6h

Drew’s Cider Cheat Sheet: https://www.maltosefalcons.com/tech/cider-brewing-cheatsheet

Correll Cider Presses: http://correllciderpresses.com/ (Denny has a Medium Plus)
This episode is brought to you by:

American Homebrewers Association

Brewing America

Brewing America


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