Align Your Practice

Align Your Practice

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Is Your Story Damaging Your Business?
April 18, 2024

COO Eric Rahn returns after an inspiring weekend at AlignLifes national convention- Revolution. The theme was Amplifying Value and so many franchisees realized they were holding themselves back from their true potential as doctors and business owners. Fo

How to 10X Your Dinner Talk Results
April 11, 2024

Dr. Renny Edelson returns to the podcast to give his advice on how to run a truly successful dinner talk from all aspects, including ROI. After 30 years in practice, he knows what works! To get in touch with Dr. Renny or learn more about AlignLife, go to

The Benefits of Using a Chiropractic Broker
April 04, 2024

Dr. Joe welcomes Kevin Misenheimer from Progressive Practice Sales to the podcast to talk about the many reasons a broker can be beneficial to a chiropractor looking to buy or sell a practice. To find out if AlignLife can support you, go to AlignLifeFranc

The Importance of an Associate Chiropractor Contract
March 28, 2024

Dr. David Foster returns to the podcast to discuss why contracts matter for both the owner and the associate doctor. For years, he has been building out templated agreements that protect both parties specifically in the world of chiropractic. To learn mor

How to Be a Better Chiropractic Owner
March 14, 2024

Traci Fisher has worked with executives and teams from around the world and shares a bit of her expertise with Dr. Joe in this episode of Align Your Practice. Discover for yourself if you fall victim to some of the bad habits they talk about. For a F

Sharing Chiropractic Through External Marketing (Encore)
March 07, 2024

With nearly HALF of their new patients coming from external marketing, Dr. Raymond Nichols and his wife, Dr. Mariya Shaeffer, are clearly doing something right. Dr. Joe Esposito has Dr. Raymond on again to give some insight on delivering the true message

The 3 Stages of Operational Competence
February 29, 2024

Eric Rahn, Chief Operating Officer of AlignLife, returns to the podcast to discuss the three ways one can approach operations in their chiropractic practice. To help us find out what kind of business owner you are, listen to the episode and take this quic

The People Problems of Chiropractic
February 22, 2024

Dr. Stephen Franson is a renowned chiropractic leader and expert in growing a practice through systems. In this episode, he and Dr. Joe Esposito discuss the people problems that occur in every stage of business, regardless of size or status. Some of tho

The Synergy Between Chiropractic and Functional Nutrition
February 15, 2024

Quite often, chiropractors shy away from adding services out of fear they will cannibalize their practice. Dr. Olivia Joseph from The Wellness Connection in Missouri has been treating patients using functional medicine in her chiropractic office for almos

Top 3 Things We Wish We Knew When Starting a Practice
February 08, 2024

Any chiropractors who have been in the game for a number of years know that the first years are always difficult. Dr. Cliff Fisher and Dr. Joe Esposito highlight some of their struggles when they started their practices and what they’ve learned over the l