The Podcast Gauntlet - Throw Down, Discuss, Rise & Shine in Podcasting

The Podcast Gauntlet - Throw Down, Discuss, Rise & Shine in Podcasting

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Important Guest First-Visits are the Best to to Start/Add Video!
November 01, 2022

You've just booked the largest guest to date. It's going to be one for the podcast ages and make you the Podcast Superstar you already know you are! But now, everyone will be able to se-- waitaminit.

Shut Up and Publish – Improvement “Will Come Naturally…?”
August 26, 2022

Look - you COULD put a lot of time, money, effort and planning into generating a podcast, but when in doubt - SHUT UP & PUBLISH! Improvement will come naturally... Right? While we all want there to

A Massive Facebook Group is a Great Place to Get Podcasting Advice
August 19, 2022

There's a LOT OF KNOWLEDGE out there, and it's all accumulating for you to read, listen to and interact with - IN FACEBOOK! It's time to start talking about the avenue of MASSIVE FACEBOOK GROUPS wh

Your Podcast Must Be 25 Minutes – Or You’ll Die!
July 05, 2022

There are many things that all of us can accomplish - in 25 minutes. Did you know that every single episode of your podcast MUST be 25 minutes - or you'll DIE? We're going to talk about that, and a

You MUST Have Comprehensive Shownotes…
July 05, 2022

There are many must-dos inside the arena of Podcasting, however one is emboldened inside all of our Podcasting Brains tonite. "What might it be..." you ask? Well - "You MUST have comprehensivesho

Time to Spend THOUSANDS on Equipment
June 27, 2022

There are many things that we, as podcasters can spend money on. Hosting. Websites, Even the ways to generate social media: You're gonna' spend money, but you know where you've gotta' blow your hun

Our 101: Why This Program Exists…
May 19, 2022

There are MANY things inside The Podcast Gauntlet that feature numbers. While ALL of them will be talked about, one of the most vital "numbers" in the existence of a podcast, is "The 101" - the progra

The Podcast Gauntlet – Challenging Podcasting Requirements, Benchmarks & More…
May 19, 2022

Various sources within the Podcasting industry continue to issue "requirements", "benchmarks" & "you must do this or you will FAIL!"s. Which ones are worthy and - which are driving an agenda, program