Innovation Talks

Innovation Talks

Innovation in the Year 2030

June 05, 2023


Innovation is inherently a forward-looking practice and, as the world changes, so does the way we innovate. In the next decade, as the world encounters various challenges stemming from climate change, resource pressures, and global policy, companies will need to embrace disruption and develop an innovative culture that can react quickly and adapt to changing environments. But what do companies need to do this successfully? The 4,000 experts contributing to The Millennium Project have done extensive research and provided us with a framework to assess local and global factors that will influence humanity's chance to build a better future.


In that light, I discuss my predictions of how innovation will change and how companies can prepare to do more with fewer resources. I predict the role that AI tools will play in product management and how team leaders can get the most out of those tools. I discuss the need for business model thinking and how business models can rapidly change due to customer expectation. I also discuss the importance of dual innovation and highlight how core innovation won’t be enough to make businesses stand out from the competition.


“In 2030, innovation will put product management at the center.” - Paul Heller


This week on Innovation Talks:


●     What The Millennium Project’s research is telling us about the future

●     How to make development sustainable while addressing climate change

●     How innovators can use scientific and technological breakthroughs to improve the human condition

●     How innovation will change in the year 2030

●     The importance of dual innovation

●     How AI will influence innovation

●     Why North Star thinking will be more important than ever


Resources Mentioned:


●     The Millennium Project

●     Ambidexterity in Business Innovation with Noel Sobelman

●     Dual innovation with Ralph-Christian Ohr


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