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Innovation + Talks

Innovation in Munich

September 05, 2022

Innovation takes place all over the world, but a few places have earned a reputation as certified innovation hubs. One of these places is Munich, Germany. I recently went on a trade mission delegation to Munich, and some of the things I saw blew my mind, especially in the automobile industry. The innovations I saw made me think about what’s in store for the future of cars and space aeronautics.


In this episode, I recount my trip to Munich and elaborate on why it’s one of the best places on Earth if you want to see innovation and futuristic concepts. I describe my experience touring the BMW factory and how efficient their building process is. I explain what their robots do and why BMW still makes its own seats. I discuss IHK and why it’s the future of talent. I also highlight a new type of aerospace engine that’s still in the development stage.


"Munich is positioning itself as a knowledge and innovation hub." - Paul Heller


This week on Innovation Talks:


●     What I learned during my mission delegation to Munich

●     What I saw when we toured the BMW manufacturing plant

●     The efficiency of BMW's automobile factory

●     Why BMW still makes their own seats

●     The IHK and why it's the future of talent

●     Exploring the Urban Co-Lab

●     Innovations in aerospace engines


Resources Mentioned:


●     Urban Colab

●     IHK


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