Profit For Coaches

Profit For Coaches

The Expert's Curse

May 18, 2023

This thing that we have that is one of the things that helps us be successful as coaches, it's one of the things that makes us great at what we do as a coach, is also one of the single biggest challenges that we have that gets in the way, that prevents us from being successful at owning a coaching business.

We're talking about The Experts Curse.

"We forget how incredibly life-changing it can be to discover one simple thing."

— Jos Willard 

This week on Profit for Coaches:

  • The two main ways The Expert's Curse affects coaches and consultants.
  • How overcomplicating things can lead to lost clients and hindered progress.
  • The value of simplicity in coaching, and why it is crucial to remember that not everyone knows what we know.
  • The Sally Ann Test, its connection to The Experts Curse and our assumptions about what others know.
  • The FREE profitable practice scorecard!

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • "People don't pay extra for a bunch of fancy bells and whistles. They pay extra so that they can get it faster, they can get it better, or they can get it easier." — Jos Willard
  • "We forget the value of the basic thing. We forget that not everybody knows the same thing that we know." — Jos Willard
  • "The expert feels like they have to always be bettering themselves. And that can be a problem." — Jos Willard